Dedicated dog owners know the importance of their relationship with their dog. A good relationship must be nurtured and developed. We have a unique method that helps owners and dogs enhance and develop a loving and healthy relationship.

Let us help you and your dog with:

  • Improved behavior and obedience
  • Enhanced health and well being
  • Stronger bond with your dog Increased conditioning of your dog
  • Involving your family with dog training


Holistic Puppy Consultations: For puppies up to 4 months old. A personalized 2-4 hour course to get you started off on the right paw with your puppy.

Holistic Behavior Consultations (older dogs): This is a 1-2 hour consultation for specific behavior problems.

Board and Train: We accept, on a limited basis, dogs for a board and train program done with the Force Free method of dog training. Dogs will stay in our home, not in an outside kennel. Please inquire for availability.

Obedience, Group and Private Training: Customized private training or small groups. Specialty classes for Canine Good Citizen, agility and more! Evaluation required.

Force Free and E-Touch training programs: to "fine-tune" your dog's training.

The Heart to Heart Connection - Kokoro body care for your pet: Customized care to relax and revive your pet (and you, too!) This type of body work involves a combination of Reiki, massage, Kinaesthetics, & accupressure and might include some essential oils or herbs.


"Social Prep 101" classes - These classes help your dog adjust to many public situations. This group class is available free of charge for graduated clients and is open to dogs with basic obedience skills (evaluation required) for a small fee per class. Please inquire about times and class rules. Some classes are held off property.

Canine Good Citizen classes and testing (AKC evaluator)

How to massage and relax your dog - a one lesson clinic.

Agility Training: a basic agility course for fun and exercise (Not for competition). Dogs must be at least 9 months old, have basic obedience and some off leash reliability.

Other customized behavioral work available on request: Most classes and lessons are held at our private facility located near Sossaman and Elliot in Mesa, AZ.The facility is open by appointment only.


At All Greatful Dogs, we are dedicated to reinforcing the pet/owner bond with exceptional, unique training and care that addresses the whole dog and includes the whole family. We are holistic trainers.

We are now taking all Animal Attitudes calls. The owner of Animal Attitudes has retired and entrusted All Greatful Dogs, Inc. with his clients.


The information contained on this website is in no way intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical advice or care from a licensed medical professional or veterinarian. In no way is this an attempt to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Rather this is designed to give practical assistance to the individual pet owner to better cope with the everyday situations in the lives of ourselves and our animal friends.

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