I have known Tawni for several years and when I have struggled with dog issues, she has been right there to give us great training and advice. The latest issue surfaced as we integrated our new pup Skylar, now 18 months and fully grown, in to our home with our very sweet, resource guarding and possessive, 10 year old springer, Ruby Ellis. Ruby thought that he owned the house and allowed us to live with him. He began to be possessive of his “space” and Skylar often became the victim of Ruby’s guarding. Tawni came to our home, sized up the situation quickly and gave us some immediate tools to interrupt Ruby’s “guarding” behavior and give him more structure. She walked around the house and showed us where Ruby was guarding and we did not even know it! Simple things were changed, location of his naps, resting by windows or doors, etc. Finally, Skylar and I began to attend Tawni’s Social Prep Class and we immediately saw a surge in Skylar’s self-confidence around other dogs and situations. Tawni is friendly and empathetic - with just the right blend of humor, gentleness and firmness. She is skilled in many versatile approaches to solving problems and does not apply a “cookie cutter” approach. There are probably very few animal to animal, animal to people relationships that she has not experienced. I highly recommend Tawni if you are struggling with your four legged best friend or friends!

Kathy, Skylar and Ruby Banks


As a veterinarian that has been in practice for more than 25 years, I feel qualified to comment on all aspects of my acquaintance with Tawni. I have known Tawni McBee for more than 10 years. First as a client of my practice, then as a trainer of mine and my client’s dogs and then as a practitioner that provides amazing whole body care to my patients. She takes excellent care of her own pets and has been able to handle any training issues with dogs that I have sent her way. She even helped a few clients with cat issues. The most rewarding part of our working relationship has been her gifted ability with whole body care. I have referred her a large number of animals that did not respond to traditional medical and surgical therapies that my practice provides, and she has been able to help them. All of the clients I have sent see results for their pets within one visit with her. I feel that the dogs and cats have lived not only much longer lives, but better quality lives because of her care. I believe that many of the pets she has cared for and continues to care for would have suffered without her. Tawni has personally kept my own 10 year old dog with a bad back comfortable when I couldn’t. I am grateful she is a valuable addition to my practice and my own pet’s lives.

Tracy Wight, DVM McClintock Animal Care Center



Marti and I are so “greatful” to you for the progress Fiona has made toward being a more engaged, less reactive, and all around better behaved member of our family. This is the second time you have helped us with a rescue dog. You customized their training specifically to their different issues and needs. You recognized that the handler (that would be me) needed patience and repetition as much as they did to achieve success. Living in a condo complex, there is very little that goes unnoticed. Over the past two months, our neighbors have commented on Fiona’s progress from an out of control former street dog to decidedly better mannered, less timid and, overall happier dog. We know that training doesn’t stop when we stop our weekly sessions. But you have given us the tools to continue to work with Fi, and best of all, we have you as a safety net in case something unexpected comes up or we just need a refresher. Your patience, personalized program, and professionalism sets you apart from any other trainer we have ever known. Your success rate speaks for itself.

Thank you.

Harriet Turney
June 2015


I have a 13 year-old two pound chihuahua named Oia. When I bring her home after a session with Tawni it is as if she is a different dog. She is far more interactive, agile, spunky, and happy. The body work that Tawni does with her is beyond impressive. Oia's muscles are relaxed, her range of motion is better, and she sleeps much more sound. I am continually surprised at how much activity she engages in after her treatments. I would highly recommend Tawni's treatment if your pet is having mobility or muscle issues. Tawni truly has a gift.

Cheryl Jannuzzi


Tawni McBee epitomizes professionalism, and is going beyond and above to bring canine assisted therapies into the mainstream. You and your dog benefit greatly through Ms. McBee's instruction, as well the larger community through exposure to what a well-trained canine can contribute to society.

- Peace -

Kathy Mohr-Almeida, Ph.D.



I wanted to thank you for the work you performed on Skyler. Before you 'worked your magic' he was in pain, couldn't go on long walks, and really wanted to play but just couldn't. It was quite sad. Now, he is a happy, 'bouncing off the walls' cattle dog and once again enjoys our evening walks along the canal, in the neighborhood, and hikes in the mountains. I'm looking forward to scheduling my next session with him as well as ongoing sessions to add to his overall well-being. Thank you, you gave me back my wonderful boy.


TJ Edwards


To Tawni,

I wanted to thank you for transforming Dixie and restoring her to a happy healthy little dog. Before you treated Dixie she had a dip (I'm not sure if that is the right term) in her back, she walked stiffly and was over sensitive to the touch. After being worked on she showed visible improvement. Your healing hands made a remarkable difference. Her back looks more normal and no longer has a dip, her gait is relaxed and she acts like she feels much better


Stacie Strauss and Dixie


Dear Tawni,

Thank you so much for helping me to shift my role from that of mom-of-dog to calm, assertive pack leader.

I have been the primary caretaker of three female bull terriers for over 30 years, and completed several obedience courses with each. However, I was not prepared for little Miss Alice. A rescue dog with a questionable and difficult past, she came to live with me in January 2005. Her exceptionally strong will 'the trait I admire most yet am most challenged by' was beyond my skills. It was clear we would both need strong, expert assistance in establishing a different relationship. Alice has mellowed beyond what I thought was possible, and through your wonderful training guidance and agility course, has gained self confidence and the ability to relax and have fun.

Many thanks from Marnie Shepperd and Alice


Tawny worked on Jenna after a shoulder tendon injury, caused by playing fetch I think. Jenna runs flyball competitively and we needed her healthy again. Tawny's excellent body work, help jump start Jenna to getting better. She has been running again now since March 07 after a Oct 06 injury and is doing well. So well in fact that in June 07, she ran a startling 4.17 second run! Back to her old self! Go Jenna, who tunrs 7 yrs young September 1st 2007!

Thank you Tawny!!!



Dear Tawni,

As you remember when you first met George and started working with him (and my husband and I) we were somewhat resistant to all that WE would have to do to help George discover that he was NOT the one in charge of the family. After all, you were a "dog trainer" and WE were not the dog. As we soon discovered it was really US who needed the training in order to help George find his place (a happier one) in our family. We only met with you a few times initially; but when WE became serious about his behaviors we knew that you were the one who could make the difference and the only one we considered calling for help. Thanks to you, George is now my Assistance Dog, his manners have improved immensely, and friends and family have all commented on how much better behaved he is now. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being willing to start again and give us another chance.

I know there is a well known trainer who is known as the "Dog Whisperer"; but in my mind that title belongs to you. No one else could have done for George and us what you have. I am now able to take George with me wherever I go and he behaves beautifully. His socialization skills have improved dramatically and he is a much easier and more fun dog to be around.

You have taught me how to be more assertive in my working with George, but still be able to cuddle with him when that is my need. But I do look forward to "touch up" visits with you as he (and I) can only benefit from those.

Again, thanks for everything!

Brenda, Dave, and, most of all, George



Wolf is doing great and I would be happy to write a testimonial and feel free to use it in any way you wish. I also attached a picture of my best buddy Wolf that you are free to publish as well.

I brought my 10 year old Golden Retriever/Chow mix, Wolf, to Tawni McBee's TAP class because he suffers from arthritis. He is my best buddy and you do what you can to keep you best buddy from hurting. Tawni also noticed that he had a stiff back, which she spotted when she had me walk him across the room.

Wolf really enjoyed the massage techniques Tawni taught us and when he went to his little brother?s obedience school graduation 3 days later, Tawni noticed that a lot of his stiffness was gone. Since his "spa day" and my learning the techniques, he moves easier and is more inclined to play.

I highly recommend attending Tawni's TAP (now called Kokoro body care) sessions, especially if you have an older dog. She will show you ways to make their later years more comfortable. Also it's nice to have a way to pay them back for years of faithfulness and devotion.

Lee Steele
Rome Georgia


Hi Tawni,

It's me JoJo--remember, wild, crazy, over reactive---where's the ball, the ball, the ball?!?! and Copa--easy going, let me know when you're ready. I'll be chillin right here.

We just want to say thanks bunches for training our Mom's! We didn't think anyone could accomplish what you did.

We don't bark at the front window so much any more because they give us something else to do which is much more fun and sometimes we may get a treat!! Now we're working on having the front door open.

We worked on being calm when it's time to go for a walk. The first 3 or 4 times I was having nothing to do with it. I'd get my collar and leash on and I'd sit and whine, bark, cry, pant and bug my eyes out. I couldn't get my mom to just take me for a walk for nothing. I would carry on like that for 20 to 25 minutes, finally I'd give up and after 5 minutes of quiet, we'd get to go for a walk!!! I've gotten much better about walks now and I know I have to be calm in order to go.

I still play with my ball and I'm learning to have patience with that, too. I have to do sits,downs etc so I don't get all over wired when I play. Yes, I'm learning----I mean I'm teaching my mom's that I can do all kinds of cool stuff. I can go thru the tunnel, walk the plank, and go under the table and chairs. Copa does fun stuff, too. She loves the teeter-tooter, walking on low walls, the tunnel and she can crawl. Thanks for teaching our mom's to be calm, have patience and if they get frustrated with us to sit on the curb and remember why they love us. Sometimes I think they want us to show them everything we can do right now, but hey, what fun would that be? It's the journey, all the travels along the way that make it all worthwhile. Seeing the light in their eyes and how they beam with pride when we reveal something new. That's what I'm talking about. They think it's really cool too that we can email or call with questions or just to let you know how we're doing! We're all very glad you're there for us!!!

Thanks Bunches!!!! Big ole sloppy wet puppylicks!!!!

JoJo & Copa


I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for all of your help with Abby, our great dane.

I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to do before you came in and helped me start the training process. She was 6 months old, 80 pounds and was definitely the "lead dog" in the house. She was going through garbage, cleaning dirty plates in the dishwasher, taking me for walks and basically was a dog on her own path dragging me a long. This is after an 8 week session at a pet store.

After your training sessions (3), I now have a dog who is respectful when walking, avoids the dishwasher and the garbage cans - she can't even look at a mouse trap without backing up, and she comes when I call her.

Now, I am still working on things, but with your help, I have a great dane that when people see us walking and they say, "wow, what a beautiful dog." I know she is not only beautiful but obedient.

Thank you for all of your help and I look forward to keeping you posted on Abby's successes as I continue to work with her.

--Michele Renahan


Hello Tawni,

Now that I have had some time to heal and get my emotions back in check, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you did for Bullet and I. Prior to meeting with you, Bullet had endured months of discomfort and many visits to various vets and specialists while being subjected to numerous tests in an effort to determine what was wrong with him. He had also been on several medications to treat symptoms with very little improvement. It wasn't until Bullet's appointment with you that we were finally able to pin point a specific area of concern and alleviate some of his discomfort. Because of your detailed exams and intuition I was very hopeful that you could help Bullet. I have always been in awe of the expertise you display when examining a dog. I've been fortunate in being able to observe this process on many occasions due to being associated with the New Hope Cattle Dogs (NHCD) rescue. You always take your time, examining their bodies head to toe, inch by inch, sometimes stopping in a specific area to probe even deeper until you identify the issue/s causing the problem. You really seem to connect with your patients and put them at ease while you examine and treat them. I always got a kick out of the way you used to achieve getting a very nervous and apprehensive Bullet so relaxed that he would finally just let out a soft sigh and fully submit to you. Bullet seemed to improve and feel better every time he saw you and I know that he appreciated the special treat he always received when leaving your home. The supplements and creams you recommended helped him immensely. I also wanted to thank you for showing me how to massage his foot, as that really seemed to lessen his pain as well. Your efforts, intuition, and vast knowledge really improved his quality of life. I feel so fortunate to have met you and to have gotten to know you. I also appreciate the special relationship that you and Dr. Wight share. I was impressed with how you collaborated with one another in an effort to identify what was going on with Bullet. I feel confident that he received the best possible prognosis and treatment while in Dr. Wight's and your care. Though we lost him in the end during post exploratory leg surgery, you both definitely made a difference and helped him to be more comfortable during his much too short stay here with us. Losing him was like losing a family member and best friend. Jeff and I had a very deep bond with Bullet and there still isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about and miss him. I am forever thankful for everything you did for Bullet and especially for being there for me and providing support and comfort the day he passed away. Also, thank you for contacting Dr. Wight for me. She also helped me get through that terrible day. Her observations and input made the decision to let him go peacefully and with some dignity much easier...

You have an incredible gift and I'd like to personally thank you for sharing it. Thanks again for your compassion, wealth of knowledge, and for all that you do for these precious fur friends.


Robyn Bryant


Monday May 30, 2011

Tawni McBee

All GREATful Dogs, Inc

Dear Tawni,

On behalf of Guide Dog Users of Arizona I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your presentation at the annual state convention of the Arizona Council of the Blind this past April. As part of a working guide dog team we realize the importance of taking care of our dogs far beyond providing them food, water, & shelter. These wonderful dogs guide us through our lives every day of the year.

The daily work of these guides is rewarding & fulfilling but can also be stressful & exhausting. Your interactive presentation about massage techniques was invaluable. Thank you for explaining your suggested techniques with great detail necessary for easy comprehension by a group of handlers who are blind & visually impaired.

We are grateful for your time, for your insight & for your expertise. Thank you so very much.


Cindy Rogers
Vice President
Guide Dog Users of Arizona


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