We train the WHOLE dog. We are Holistic Dog trainers.

Holistic dog trainers

  • look for physical and environmental problems that may be affecting behavior and treat the cause, not just the symptoms.
  • Our method is a unique approach that can include your entire team of canine professionals.

At All Greatful Dogs, we provide a customized service that complements your existing dog care team. We can work with your veterinarian, groomer and other canine professionals to make sure your dog and your family are one cohesive unit. Puppy starter classes, obedience training and canine body care (Kokoro) are just a few of the services we offer. Please see the What We Do page for more options.

At our location in Grand Junction, CO, we help you and your dog with customized training methods that involve your dog and your entire family.

We were named a winner in Sonoran Tails magazine 2008 annual Readers' Choice Awards. Click here to read the letter. For more information about this, please visit their website here.



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